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Feb 29, 2016

There's gangsters, guns and goat-farming this week as we explore the brooding world of Italian mob drama BLACK SOULS. Plus the weird sights, sounds and smells that can be found IN THE BASEMENT. And your mail....

Feb 22, 2016

On our latest look at the weird, wild side of movie streaming, we unpeel the layers of creepy Austrian horror GOODNIGHT MOMMY, and tackle Hong Kong action specialist Ringo Lam's comeback WILD CITY. Plus listener comments about some of films we've covered on previous shows!

Feb 15, 2016

Welcome to STREAMPUNK, a weekly look at wildest and weirdest movies available to stream. On our second show we get to grips with Gaspar Noe's graphic relationship drama LOVE, and the post-apocalyptic retro action romp TURBO KID. Plus listener feedback!

Feb 8, 2016

Welcome to STREAMPUNK, a weekly look at the some of the coolest, strangest and most unheralded cult movies currently available to stream. On this first episode, we dive into Takashi Miike's deranged vampire gangster mash-up Yakuza Apocalypse, and explore the intense psychological drama Queen Of Earth.